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Mobile Boom

The Mobile Boom is a versatile welding machine with adjustable height/angle, wire feeder, oscillation, AVC and WiFi remote control. Works seamlessly with all positioners and rotators. Its adjustable features, program saving/loading and remote control make your welding tasks efficient and precise. Set up is quick and easy. Start your automation journey here!


  • Single/multi pass pipe-to-pipe,


Pipe range diameter

  • Ø10 - Ø1000mm (4" - 40"). Depending on the manipulator

Oscillation module

  • Max. adjustment of torch: 100mm (4")

  • Max. oscillation width: 40mm

  • Max. oscillation stop time: 5 seconds

Water cooled torch

  • 300 Amps. continuous

Welding machine

  • Kemppi (GTAW/GMAW)


  • Different models and sizes

Power supply

  • 3 x 400V

Mobile Boom - WeldingDroid (1).png


  • Gas cylinder for “easy lift

  • Adjustable boom in length

  • Adjustable boom in angles

  • Wirefeeder for GTAW

  • GTAW or GMAW

  • AVC

  • Oscillation

  • Coldwire/Hotwire



  • Oscillation

  • AVC (automatic height adjustment)

  • Wireguide (cold-/hotwire)

  • Torch 300 amp.

  • Angle adjustment of torch for “fillet weld” and “butt weld



  • Remote controller for programming

  • Control all parameters

  • Save/load programs

  • Data will be saved (cloud-based)

  • Automatic welding

  • Controlling during weld

  • Easy to program

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