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Pipe Welding

Our collaboration with Miller Electric takes your pipe weldings to new heights

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With the newest technology and many years of welding experience put into our machines, we have developed something outstanding for the welding industry. Our solutions are developed to be easy to use.
Explore the different and benefits with WeldingDroid.

The WeldingDroid Advantage

Introducing the new 2024 Mobile Boom

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Say goodbye to complex setups and hello to effortless pipe welding

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Save up to 90% on your purging with the PurgeMaster

Introducing the PurgeMaster

your purging

Save up to 90% on your purging

One of the time consuming and expensive operations when welding pipes, is the purging. To ensure that no oxidation occurs on the inside of the pipes mostly a purging with gas is made. This fills the pipe with gas and the pipe is continuously flushed during welding. Imagine that you could just apply gas where the welding takes place, and that the gas inside the pipe follows the torch on the outside of the pipe. Sounds impossible, but it is not, thanks to our patented PurgeMaster system.

Why choose WeldingDroid?

Below you will find indicative examples of welding times on pipes
with a diameter between 300mm - 4000mm. Thickness 3mm.

Welding Automation time

If you are interested in purchasing or to learn more about the possibilities to automate your production, please contact us or one of our authorized retailers.

Simpel and genius  purging-gas system

Through the utilization of strong magnets,
the PurgeMaster always follows the torch.






Is using the PurgeMaster




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2024 WeldingDroid Product Catalogue
PurgeMaster brochure
Automated welding machine
"Until now, our welding has been an orbital plasma process on the inside of our tanks, which has, however, required us to use complex equipment with many moving parts. We like the fact that Weldingdroid’s solution is easy to use and maintain. Adjusting the equipment for different tank sizes is also straightforward.
The tail gas equipment in particular is revolutionary for us, because it
will simplify our tank production to a large degree.

-  Julian Sagøy, Welding Coordinator at Skala Fabrikk
LP Kolding A/S Tank welding


LP Kolding A/S

Automatic welding machine spares employees for bad working positions

- "In the spring, we installed a new tool in our production: an automatic welding machine. It has been developed and designed to take over tasks that risk putting unnecessary strain on our colleagues - and it has already saved us hundreds of hours of work in uncomfortable positions.

The reason for the new acquisition was a large task, which entailed many hours of monotonous work in uncomfortable positions."

- "In connection with the fact that we had to deliver the largest tank ever in LP Kolding's history, there was the prospect of many hours of monotonous welding work in connection with edge welding on some cooling pipes. Due to the size of the tank, much of the work would have to be done by employees lying on their stomachs on lifts and working underneath them. It puts a strain on both the job satisfaction and the physique. That's why we decided to investigate whether we couldn't find a better solution", says Bjørn Beyer, who was both the project manager on the tank and was given the task of developing the welding machine.

2024 WS Manipulator

Welding automation
for pipes and vessels

From diameter Ø100mm

WS Manipulator

Powered by

Miller - ITW Group

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Contact us or one of our authorized retailers to learn more about how WeldingDroid can improve operational efficiency, optimise quality and consistency of your pipe welds,
while also achieving significant savings on every weld.

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