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The MiniDroid

Small portable TurnKey machine for smaller pipes. Ideal for pharma, because of the high quality and
the datacollection.

MiniDroid - TurnKey Solutions for pipe weldings

Easy and fast operation

  • TurnKey Solution.

  • Can weld smaller pipes, collars, flanges and much more.

  • Adjustable chuck.

  • Welding operation is as easy as it gets.
    Anybody can weld with the MiniDroid.

  • At the press on button the operation begins.
    No need for human interaction in the weld process.



  • Pipes from Ø6mm to Ø160mm fits the MiniDroid.

  • Carbon steel, stainless steel and high alloy.

  • TIG/GTAW with or without wire.

  • Hotwire for thicker material.



  • With DroidHub online data collection all relevant WPS data is collected and stored for documentation purposes.

  • Wireless controller with pre-set weld parameters from our cloud based system DroidData, depending on application and power source.

  • Display of all weld data in our DroidDisplay dashboard and on our app for iOS and Android.


Return on investment

  • Increased productivity. 

  • Skilled workforce is not tied up in low profit operations but can do more profitable work.

  • No need for corrections of welding errors, the MiniDroid has a consistent high welding quality.

  • Get high productivity with the MiniDroid.

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